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голямото чакане

    • zlatillio
      Регистрация: 17.01.2010 Публикации: 2
      Здравейте!Вече 3 дена чакам да получа бонуса от 50 в Еверест покер,но все още нищо.Изпратих документите които ми поискаха.После писах и писмо да ги питам но няма отговор.Какво да направя?
  • 3 отговора
    • AlmostGodlike
      Регистрация: 20.08.2009 Публикации: 1
      чакаш :tongue:
    • kkki4uka2
      Регистрация: 13.12.2009 Публикации: 1,258
      Пиши на отдела за обслужване по-честичко. Пиши на английски и нещата ще станат.
      When will it be translated into $ 50 pokercake?
      05.01.10 15:25: Dear kkki4uka2,

      Unfortunately we were unable to transfer your starting capital, since you have not had an ID-Check.

      An ID-Check is necessary in order to confirm your personal details, to show that you are at least 18 years old and are receiving the starting capital for the first time.

      For this, please send us an email from your email address (the one you registered at PokerStrategy.com) to security@pokerstrategy.com

      Please attach a scanned or photographed picture of a document confirming your age and address. In other words, the data you entered when registering at PokerStrategy.com

      This can be:
      - the front and back side of your ID card.
      - your passport
      - the front and back side of your drivers license

      You can blank out any information not relevant to us. Data which should be recognisable include: name, address, issuing authority, ID number and date of birth.

      Should the address on the document be different from the address you registered at PokerStrategy.com, then please attach a proof of residence document. This can be for example a (gas, electricity, telephone) bill or bank statement addressed to you.

      You can be assured that the information sent will be treated confidentially and only used in context of the short ID-Check.

      More information regarding our Privacy Policy can be found here:

      Data Protection (Privacy) Policy

      Best regards,
      05.01.10 16:51: I sent 10 mail-a
      05.01.10 17:31: kkki4uka2,
      03.01.10 16:55: I sent a mail photographed documents again.When will it be translated into $ 50 pokercake?
      03.01.10 18:43: Dear kkki4uka2,

      We have received your document, we will review your account and get back to you as soon as we can.

      Best regards,
      06.01.10 12:16: Dear kkki4uka2,

      thank you for your message, I have updated our records. We will try to transfer your 50$ again within the next 48 hours.

      Best regards,

      Имам още 6 такива кореспонденции :D :D .
    • DessiP
      Регистрация: 05.05.2009 Публикации: 6,650

      Моля да последваш съвета на нашите членове и да пишеш на отдела за клиенти на англ. език тук. Колегите ще ти обяснят какъв е статуса на сметката ти.