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Living in Ukraine

    • niceblack
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      :diamond: Hello!

      Sorry, if my thread is in wrong place. I don't speak russian, so I'll be grateful if moderator can move that topic so that it could be placed properly ;)

      I post here, because I heard that Ukrainian players use russian forum, as they haven't got their own. So:

      I heard that living costs in Ukraine are really cheap, so I 'm thinking about moving there. I need just room with a bed and desk (gooood internet too) to just devote all days working on my poker skills. So that I don't care about any tv, cinemas and nice views. I write that post, cause I would really like to get information from someone who live in Ukraine:

      :spade: which city should I choose? Is there big differences in prices between Kijow and smaller towns?

      :spade: As I know, poker is legal in Ukrainian casinos. What about safety? Can one take his winning home, without gun and two bodyguards? :D

      :heart: Is that possible to rent a cheap room in student residence without being student? I don't earn for living, just have some savings. So I want to live with savings as long as I can without cashouts. That is why I look pretty comfortable, yet cheap room.

      :diamond: What are normal costs of living? For example, if I wanted to rent my room, as described, how much would I need to pay for it monthly?

      :club: Where should I look for that room to not be cheated? Is that possible to do that with internet, or it's better to go to Ukraine first?

      :heart: Any advices about living in this country?

      Sorry for eventual mistakes, I'm not native English speaker.

      Thanks a lot, guys ! :f_cool:

      PS Is there a place in this forum to look for poker roommate? :)
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