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    • sttoil
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    • ibordd
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      :f_eek: Малиии какви работи ставали
    • jikev
      Регистрация: 26.10.2009 Публикации: 1,923
      Няма ли някой да обясни какво точно е станало или пак всичко се дължи на вариациите? :D
      С повече игра, да чакам ли и на мен да дойдат... :f_love:
    • LetchLord
      Регистрация: 20.03.2009 Публикации: 1,353
      Първоначално публикувано от jikev
      Няма ли някой да обясни какво точно е станало или пак всичко се дължи на вариациите? :D
      С повече игра, да чакам ли и на мен да дойдат... :f_love:
      Най-вероятно е обикновен колаж... Ето какъв отговор е получил един човек, който е писал директно на PokerStars за това нещо:

      Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your Email. We have seen this site before, and can say
      with certainty that the image there is a fake.

      T# 14705493 was the $10 + $1 Deep Stacks tournament held on 12th
      2005. The top four players in this event were:


      The player "Big Devin" didn't take part in this tournament.

      Next, you can see the observer "style12" in chat on the
      table. "style12" is not a User ID on our database as of June 2006 --
      he doesn't exist.

      There are also two hands mentioned here. One is # 3044245011 and the
      other # 3044243120. I've attached them both below so that you can see
      the hands as they originally happened. As you can see, the chip
      stacks are totally consistent from one hand to the next. Further
      more, "Big Devin" didn't take part.

      Finally, it is clearly demonstrable that the image has been edited.
      Attached please find a closeup of several of the cards on the screen.
      If you look closely, you'll see that the ace of clubs is one pixel too
      high. The prankster that tried to run this hoax was not quite careful
      enough with his editing and left this evidence behind.

      I hope that this sets your mind at ease, but if you have further
      queries, please do not hesitate to let us know.

      Best regards,

      PokerStars Support Team

      Общо взето, PokerStars казват, че скрийншота е монтаж и този играч Big Devin изобщо не е участвал в турнира....

      P.S. А какво ще кажете за това -
    • pokerboby
      Регистрация: 17.02.2010 Публикации: 790
      тоест просто колаж така ли?
    • darkonebg
      Главен админ
      Главен админ
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      Първоначално публикувано от pokerboby
      тоест просто колаж така ли?
      Не, и втората картинка е истинска. :tongue:
      Естествено, че е просто колаж.