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I improve while you sleep

    • Alex1379
      Регистрация: 07.02.2015 Публикации: 4
      Hello guys!I am so glad I am finally here and I took the best decision my life could offer.My name is Alexander and I’m a 19 year old from the capital of Bulgaria.I go to a university whenever I feel like it and have a lot of “free” time I will put into poker.I was a videos game person(top 300 League of legends player back in the days) ever since I can remember and love being on the computer for XX hours a day.Love competition and I am ready to crush.

      I have been playing the micros on stars quite seriously for the last 2 months and manged to build my roll from scratch to something like 400$ ~~. I have been wining small on nl2 and nl5 and have developed a simple and exploitable strategy how to make a small profit on those limits.NL10 tho sucked out big chunk of my roll and my retarded game plan was not working out so well and I was not happy with my game anymore so I decided to get help and support and act understand why action X is happening and why I am doing this or thas.

      I have randomly found about BPC and I got in loved with the idea instantly. CFP is giving me some sort of security, because BPC risk a lot more than I do in this.They thrust me even before they know me or my poker skills.

      My goals are pretty simple:

      1.Clear the 10k CFP as fast as I possibly can

      2.Clear the 60k CFP

      3.Grind till I feel happy with my bank account
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