Pokerstars в Чехия

    • TiltBatko
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      Имам въпрос . От януари съм в Чехия и не мога да играя pokerstars с реални пари а само с виртуални чипове.
      Въпроса ми е ....Това е защото съм с изтеглено приложение от или не е платен лиценза за Чехия ?
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    • semiramiRNMD
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      Pokerstars имат лиценз в Чехия. От bg сметка може да се играе от чужда територия, но само за ограничено време.
      Трябва да се свържеш със съпорта и да им обясниш, че вече живееш в Чехия, ще поискат документи и ще ти
      преместят сметката към
    • Mauslord
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      it's a little bit more complicated

      bek0n původně napsal
      almost 3 months after my last post I'm finally fully verified :f_drink:

      So I can confirm its possible for foreigners, but it's pain in the ass (took me around 6 months to solve all that stuff, with all info I have now this process could be shortened to around 2 months. The last part that I was missing was this "state register" aka "registr obyvatel / ROB" - easiest way to get there is to get temporary resident status (if you are from EU country you just need "A certificate of temporary residence for an EU citizen"/"Potvrzení o přechodném pobytu občana EU".

      To get that you need to apply at Ministry Of Interior office for foreigners (If you live at Prague 1,3,6,7,8,9 the office is "Pracoviště MV ČR Praha I Žukovského 888/2")

      You will need to fill one form and bring some attachments:
      - 1 photography,
      - ID or Passport
      - proof of medical insurance (I bought cheapest option at VZP - its state insurance company but they also 'sell' commercialy for foreigners ... you will need at least 3 months (I bought 6months for around 150$) - this you can do in one day. You probably could get that cheaper if u get tourist insurance for territory of CR in other country but I'm not sure about that.
      -proof of accomodation - I live with my gf and house is on her, so she just had to fill one form (1 a4 paper) that I'm living at her place. If you rent a place you should get that paper from landlord.
      -purpose of stay - I just had "other" - cause there is no "I wanna play poker" option, but its fine - In that filled form they asked me to write it as my occupation ("Online poker player" :f_cool: )

      If you bring them all documents and everything is fine then you will wait up to 30 days (in my case it was almost exactly 30 days) - then they will call you to get your papers from them (or you can check online at their websites if your case is closed). You will get small paper with your birthnumber (rodne cislo) - you dont need that for pokerstars, but when you get that it means they did put you in that "Registr Obyvatel" so youre ready to go. Just fill out the Real Money Form in pokerstars client with your personal details - and if they match with your record in that register you will be verified (they will ask you for other documents (this face to face verification and bank statement), but I sent them prior to that)

      I think thats all - if you have any more questions feel free to ask