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Hard working, innovative, and passionate about your job? Interested in joining an ambitious, dedicated, and global work force? Want to be part of a transparent company culture, in which both feedback and criticism are highly valued? Choose and unlock the door to a happier Monday morning!

Current Job offers:

Freelance translators - Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese

Poker is a fast-paced and exciting game and when content is needed across our languages, our freelance translators come to the rescue with great texts and localisations that are done quickly and flawlessly.

We are looking for freelance translators to transform texts from English to Portuguese (with Brazilian Portuguese), Korean, Indonesian and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

Your profile:

  • You are passionate about language, texts and translations.
  • You have good understanding of poker and poker terminology.
  • You know that a literal translation is not always the best way to get a message across.
  • You have exceptional accuracy and eye for detail.
  • You are highly proficient in English and a native speaker of Portuguese (with Brazilian Portuguese), Korean, Indonesian & Chinese (traditional and simplified).

The challenge:

As a freelance translator, your task is to take texts created by the content team and render them in a different language.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the forum.


If you think you have what it takes, apply today. For a complete application we need your CV and motivation letter to be submitted too


About reception is the world’s largest multilingual poker community and affiliate. With over 7 million registered users and upwards of 1.74m real money players generating 650m page views in 2012, the Company is the premier marketing partner for top operating poker brands and premier education destination for aspiring poker players.

Since its inception in 2007, has demonstrated the significant strategic and financial benefits of specialising in creating and maintaining an engaged poker community in the process establishing clear number one positions in key languages that account for 60% of the worldwide poker market.

Led by Damian Sokol, CEO, and Pavel Stehno, COO, is driven by the passion and expertise of over 600 freelancers and 70 staff based in our headquarters in Gibraltar and in our Sofia-based IT hub. as an employer

We encourage an open and transparent company culture, where feedback and criticism are highly valued. With 23 nationalities, our working atmosphere is very international, though we use English to communicate in the office. Common interests and friendly cooperation ensure a 'we are' feeling, even outside the office.

We place a lot of emphasis on our employees' well-being. Apart from an ambitious and rewarding experience and an international and dedicated team, we also offer our members an extensive benefits package and very modern working conditions. as a poker school poker school

Our aim is to promote poker in the best sense. We deconstruct preconceptions about poker and help curious beginners to get involved, quickly and for free. We're convinced that poker will be held in high esteem as a strategic game and an interesting, intellectual hobby in the 21st century. It's practically as complicated as chess, but with more psychological elements; we see poker as a reflection of real life. Mastering the game not only brings joy and profit, but also knowledge and insight.

At the same time, we have the drive to understand and teach poker to the best of our ability. We want to accompany our ambitious, talented members from a novice to professional level. An excellent theoretical basis in mathematics is just as important for this as didactically optimised multimedia presentation.

The team

The team is a company built upon the drive, innovation and effort of many people from all over the world. The work of our core group of in house employees (both Hamburg and Gibraltar based) is complemented admirably by our army of committed and skilled freelancers.

We work hard to ensure an open and transparent company culture with clear values and goals.

Our working environment is very international with 23 different nationalities. Our shared interests and friendly interaction ensure a 'we are' attitude, even outside the office.

Our values

We feel that the best way we can maintain our success is by focusing on two core values, passion and performance, in order to ensure that everyone is contributing and working together towards our goals. Each value is separated into four distinct beliefs which we see as forming the crux of a mutually beneficial working relationship. We prosper by offering an environment which strongly supports the development of our staff and in return ask you to help us develop the company.

Our history

Dominik Kofert was founded in April 2007 by Dominik Kofert and Matthias Wahls. In its initial phase, Dominik and Matthias often personally assisted members. From the company's beginning, we've considerably developed our teaching offer through the addition of colleagues and freelancers to our team. is one of the first websites to combine the virality of user-generated content with the professional teaching content of poker experts.

In 2008, we translated the teaching material as well as the services on offer (hand evaluations and coaching sessions) into English and Russian, in order to start including these growing online poker markets. Over the following years, we expanded our offer across a further 12 languages, including Japanese, Chinese and finally, Czech. Today, the website, along with its services and market specific offers, is available in 15 languages.

Application process

Apply to

We work hard to select the right colleagues. We don't use a 'one process fits all' approach, rather we tailor each process to the applicant.

We usually follow up your application with a skype interview (approx. 60 minutes). It's important for us to gain first impressions of each other in this interview.

If we feel that you could be a good fit, we'll invite you to take part in a two day assessment center here in Gibraltar. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the country, people and company, as well as your team.

The actual assessment center lasts between four and six hours, consisting of three to five tasks, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your specialist competencies and personality. The types of tasks in the assessment centre - and what they include - depend on the job for which you're applying. Of course, you'll also have plenty of opportunity to ask us questions.

It's only worth us making this effort if we have the impression that you'll put in just as much effort. In other words: we expect you to be really well prepared and to show us that work is more than just a job for you.