Fullring Frenzy - Part 2

  • NL СГС
  • NL СГС
  • $100
  • Пълни маси
(10 гласа) 9693

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In the 2nd part of his video series "Fullring Frenzy", ge5sterne reviews an NL $100 FR session played by the German hand judge "ultrafastspectroscopy" together with him. They analyse several post flop spots in-depth and among other things, talk about thin value bets vs. pot control.


Fullring Frenzy FullTilt

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  • Trickshot625


  • feinfuehl


  • Whatafreak


  • backdooor


    nice layout, where did you get it? xD
  • anfet23


    Van olyan stat amit kihagyott a HUD-ból?
  • Attischa


    Miért szégyenli a nevét?
  • RahXephon1


    Nice video, would love to see more.

    BTW, LoL at the fish on bottom right with 550BB in the end.
  • camaro3377


    But, um.

    Drink up!
  • krason


    if you dont want to second barrel this spot you should never second barrel
  • Trickshot625


    @ #4 wie ich sofort das gleiche gedacht hab
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    lol @ultrafastspectroscopy: always wanted to know how u pronounce ur nickname :D
    nice vid btw
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    around min 35:00 the KTs hand: what would be ur line if u had opened KQ/AK there?
  • ultrafastspectroscopy


    i would have folded too. i think we are not in good shape against both ranges even with TPTK. with the read I made out of this hand i would have called the flop and tried to see a showdown since villains did not continue putting presure on the pot
  • Cealin


    Nice one indeed! Thanks :)
  • HuKuTKa777


    gr8 vod
  • RYLii


    mert túl pró, és nem akarja, hogy másik megtudják ki ő
  • usun


    thanks a lot! extremely useful, and very nice choice for the format - discussion and speculation.
  • oksanka77


    nice vod
  • MagnumLemon


    min 35:00
    the Flushdraw-guy also had a bottompair, so his raise is legit in my opinion
  • strannikspb


    You hided your nick almost everywhere except on a 34:00 minute.
    We can see it in a HM's hand history, you faded it only in a final result of a hand:)