Crushing NL50 - Part 5

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In part 5 hasenbraten talks about stats, the open raising charts, shorthanded play preflop and postflop and about the basics of 3-bet pots.


3bet Crushing NL50 series Theory Video

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  • il72


    Great Intro ;)
  • k4m1l0z


    yo pretty badass bond alike intro lol
  • Kogtistiy


    Hello, hasenbraten. There is a question for you from Russian community regarding this video:

    "On 52nd munute, we have KdQd, the flop is Кс2с5h. We move all-in after a re-raise. We're behind 22, 55, K2, K5. King with a lower kicker won't call this often, so we get value mostly from draws. Is this play really +EV?"
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    good 6 max video
  • Kogtistiy


    And one more question:

    While playing by strategy for beginners at microlimits, we raise preflop for 4 bb. But at higher limits we see smaller bets more often. Logically speaking, it must have a mathematical explanation and some purposes.

    Suppose we have two cases:
    1) A tight grinder plays break even + good rakeback. What's his purpose when raising preflop? Just to get 1.5 bb from the blinds or to play his premium range against weaker range and play profitably even out of position?
    2) Some LAG with 4-6bb/100 - what does he want?

    Why this question is asked: for me it looks like that big raises at NL50-100 are not popular; many players raise for 3 bb, because "everybody does so". In fact the standard 4 bb raise gets a lot of resistance and provokes multiway pots, and on the showdown we see that our opponents make -EV calls for set value, also they speculate even on unsuited gappers.

    So basically the question is: Why do we ever have to decrease the size of our preflop-raises?
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    can someone tell me where I find the ORC for download? thx a lot!


    Love the intro music. It's Chris Cornell's 'You Know My Name'.
  • Th334


    Great vid.
    @#7. I would imagine that the basic mathematical explanation is the looser we play --> the more often we'll get called --> the less is our steal EV. If we raise less (sizing I mean), our bluff doesn't have to work that often to be profitable.
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    definitely a good vid :)