Five Star General - Part 6

  • NL СГС
  • NL СГС
  • $10
  • Къси маси
(5 гласа) 9402


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Betfair Poker Five Star General series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new userrerview video by ge5sterne!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • AVIRA266


    why cant i find part 1 to 4?
    i only found 5 and 6
  • ge5sterne


    @2: Check Star General&key=tag
  • gr1nd3r


    12 mins..

    he is never folding an ace mayby tens/9/8.
  • Heffron89


    The 7s hand... a fish folding trip aces?? are u kidding me?
  • glsketcher


    7s hand comments r really rediculous))
  • violetorange


    I don't like raising the river in the 77 hand at all. he is never folding Ax here thus raising would be a big mistake. I doubt also if the fish could fold Tx here since you would bet most Ax hands. he only has to fear a flush. Agains a more reasonable player i would consider raising but versus the fish you will mostly value cut yourself because he could call 99, Tx...

    most explanations are imo to long. you should try to make your point in fewer words.
  • tiego69


    thank u to answer the comments ge5sterne but ur link doesn t work, i think ur previous parts 1-4 have been deleted which makes me feel sorry i want to see more microstakes play
    i also agree with the comments on this special hand with 77, but he almost never has an ace on this line and with this bet size but folds a lot of tx 88 99 and other bottom pairs so a reraise on the river is good for me
  • tiego69


    the reraise has to be big enough to make him fold though
  • Pascal



    you didn't use the full link which is Star General&key=tag

    (because of the free space in it you have too copy/paste it and can't simply click)

    or you can just click " Five Star General" in the tag list
  • tiego69


    thank u for the advice pascal i did tag five star general and it works, i just have to earn more points to see some gold restricted videos :0p