Gameplanning with ge5sterne - Part 3

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ge5sterne coming at you with Part three of Gameplanning. Learn how having a gameplan helps you both in general but also in specific hands.


gameplanning series Session Review

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  • MITStudent


    Have fun and keep the comments in english! :)
  • basta11


    ganz gut, leider nichts verstanden )
  • kacsa1st


    great vid, THX!!
  • PLOnly


    system error - stream not found :(
  • Wacko118


    Another good video,cheers :)
  • kobrafab


    Same here! Error code:Netstream
  • Sanderz


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  • globalcash


    same error
  • gadget51


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  • Floppy77


  • yomatiyo


    KJs in AT2 mono, dont u like 3 barrel donk? he will only call 3 barrels whit an A (and sometimes folding). I dont really like ch/r vs a good villian, cause we rep just too few hands (AT 22 and monster like KJ whit a club), cause AA and TT we are 3beting, and AK AQ too.
    Vs a weak villian I like it and prefer it before the 3 barrels, cause he whil call light the 3 barrels donk.
  • yomatiyo


    I really like the vid.. but I think there is too much talking about some hands...
    Like the last one, against the fish... is an easy ch/c river imo, but there is 5 mins talking about his range.. and his range is just huge =P

    Just an opinion.. but I really like the vid, but just a litle bit too basic imo.
  • DeMarcohsp


    Thanks for the review coach!
  • tiego69


    i have a suggestion about the last hand with JT, i agree that preflop raise was a mistake against this kinda player and stack.
    but could a good line be to x/shove the turn? i mean we know he is aggressive and as u said the A is a pretty nice card to bluff, if we check he'll bet with most of his range and by shoving we make him fold anything but ax, jx.
    if he has a FD and take the free card, we're still ahead and river call would not be so much of a headache.
  • ge5sterne


    @14: With these stacks, c/c and c/r are essentially the same. Since any c/c would commit us to the pot, we can just stick the money in if Villian bets. Hence checking only makes sense if you think he as a lot of unpaired hands in his Flop-Callingrange and is aggressive enough to bluff with those. If your read is wrong you may loose value from Villian's bluffcatchers by checking (but of which there aren't many of course, tough spot)
  • DrDunne


    loving this series. ge5sterne is the boss.
  • Puscherbilbo


    I completely disagree with the analysis of hand 1.

    Only info we get is that villain plays 46/11. As he is SB and isoraises he should not be much wider than that. One could even make the argument for him having a tighter range than 11%.
    On the Qc3c2s3d-board his valuerange is theoretically fairly narrow. I would discount 22/33 to a vast degree. Again he is isolating the Limper oop. I also find it hard to believe he actually tries to trap with QQ here. Should he decide to c/c with QQ it is more out of fear of the made Flush. However this does not coincide with our perception of villain as being fairly aggressive for his overall Pre-Stats. Basically if he has us beat then it is with AsKs,AsJs,AsTs and maybe KsJs. Following this read he has a possibly vast range of bluffhands. I feel like heros play is at least following through. Although one could also call and call blank River.
    I somehow feel that the result reflects our analysis here. Seeing the Showdown our starting assumption about his isolating-Range is wrong. Not so much our postflop play.
  • Puscherbilbo


    I think biggest mistake may have been to defend KQo in this scenario to begin with. We do not do so well vs ~11%.