3-Bet pots: In & Out of position - Part 3

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Leatherass brings us a new series with a theory & handhistory review mixture on the optimal plays for three bet pots, in & out of position. In Part 3, Leatherass explores the reasons as to why 3-Bet Pots are so difficult to solve in NLHE & what we can do to improve our game.


3bet bluff Contibet series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Falco35


    Cool stuff, bro! Really nice vid-series! I like
  • Spontann


    Nice, was w8ting for it :)
  • Becks777


    Is this the last Video from leatherass since he is a coach at bluefirepoker now?
  • DanielK


    @5 No he will continue to produce videos for pokerstrategy ;-)
  • Hansshi


    nice. eagerly anticipated!
  • Fox128


    @leatherass9: At the end (1:11) of the video you ask:
    "What is the difference between running a bluff that has an 80% chance of working and getting your money in with 80% equity"

    At first you make it look like there was no difference at all (I was kinda shocked), but I'm glad that you kinda took it back at 1:12 and explained what you really meant. :)
    haha :D

    Really nice video again. I loved them all (especially the hand-review ones). Your videos are definitely some of those that I always look forward to. Hope to see even more in the future!
  • madsquare


    I guess its unnecessary to into detail why the content of this video is amazing. Instead I want to point out some leaks.

    I think the visual part of the presentation can really use some improvement. The issue is that use one to two, unanimated, slides for the entire 60min+ video. So here some improvements I would like to see:
    -When you are making verbal example, put it visually on a slide. I assume many of these pop up spontanously; Just add them in the afterediting.
    -Shortly summarize the verbal content of the point you just brought up.
    For people who learn visually it really helps a huge deal.
    -Get some sort of handout in the presentation. For example, you have the questions for various aspects. Putting the (summarized) answer there as well help a lot.
    -Bring the discussed points in step by step. Its ok to see a summary of the videos content in the beginning, but its not helpful when discussing individual aspects. So if we are at Ac we should see the title, Aa +answer, Ab +answer and Ac but not the rest.

    Thanks for sharing this content. It helped me a lot :)

    Best regards.
  • Leatherass9


    @madsquare thanks for the feedback. This is my first ever video series of this kind and I was a bit nervous about it to be quite honest. My goal is certainly to provide you all the best possible stuff, and I think suggestions like your will go a long way to helping me do that. Thank you and I will do my best to be sure that I continue to improve upon how I present information to you all.
  • Leatherass9


    To everyone else: Thanks for the props. I am glad you all are enjoyed the video(s). And please rest assure that I will continue to make videos for the pokerstrategy community for as long as they will let me. This is truly a fantastic community with a great group of people and my hope is to provide content for many years to come.
  • Atoks


    Great series, really enjoyed its content and can't wait to go over it a few more times to really learn some of the finer points that you've made in these videos.
    I am however wondering, does the way you play 3Bet pots change in blind vs. blind battles, where ranges (on NL100SH f.e.) tend to be wider? Also how do u adapt your 3Bet range vs. players that light 4Bet u?
    Perhaps these are questions are off topic a bit but I am also trying to figure out, how to effectively counter some of the plays presented here and how to deal when facing 3Bets in the SB.
  • madsquare


    By the way, will there be a fourth video?
    I would like to see a concluding video with many handreviews.
  • Tim64


    Excellent, esp the last slide. Many thanks. I would also like to see some more hand examples, including some where you were the 3bettor, had a value hand (or hit the flop) but got raised on the flop or later in the hand.
  • yomatiyo


    amazing series dude... just amazing. I will also like to see that situations when we find villans that adapt to our game!
  • Leatherass9


    Atoks If you get people who truly light 4 bet you with wide ranges and frequencies, I like to start 3 betting them with hands like Axs and just ship over their 4 bets. Axs has 30% equity vs. every hand they can call with (except AA) and if you think they will have to fold pretty oftenwhen you go all in, then you can show a profit 3 betting this hand.
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks to everyone else. I might do additional videos on 3 bet pots, so please keep an eye out for them. This is the final video in this series though.
  • Zemnieks11


    really liked the hand examples, will there be by any chance a hand review video about 3-bet pots? Thanks
  • fishwonderbra


    die ersten beiden Teile wurden übersetzt, kommt noch der dritte Teil in Deutsch?
  • vibreaza


    Loved your videos!!!! I'm a live (more or less, with electronic tables) player, and the problem here is that no matter how high you make the 3b there are always at least 2 people calling you. Could you point out a winning strategy against those wide callers in/oop who just LOVE to see a flop? I mean I cannot cb with air into 4 callers, and getting nit is not an option, as you pointed out, you get dealt a relatively good hand every 10 min or so. Would so much like to here your live exp. point of view re. this.
  • LooserSR


    gret series leatherass, thanks :)

    more theory cocepts like this series would be great

    20/play much more hands like suited conectors, smash the boards, get paid by pairs, easy. no problem to limp in live games Ax suited and suited gappers, play hands that hit hard multiway.
  • Nocco88


    I think it was a really great video series. Can I use this at the micros against micro regs or it isn't suggested? :D
  • hardo


    Thank you for this great video series!
  • RonaldoNazario09


    I really liked the series. Great job :D
  • EverSteel


    Hey Dusty,

    How do you change your game against opponents who saw you bluffing (if you do at all)?