A Little 3-betting

  • MTT
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(13 гласа) 8877

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In this video, JonathanLittle will go over a series of hands which involve 3-betting


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new concept video from JonathanLittle where 3-bet pots are explored in MTT's. Please leave any feedback below!
  • luizsilveira


    huh? Are you sure this is new? I could sware I had seen a video by JonathanLittle about 3betting before; however, I couldn't find it again to check if this was the same.
  • Harumamburu


    I don't like last push with 22, i think there is not much hands he gonna fold, and if he calls QKo u never have more than 50% of equity, and in case of pair situation is terrible
  • Oger88


    Your pokerstove is really messing up, against a tight range, we always have about 65% with topppair (KQ or JT), you can look it up in the equilab
  • EuanM


    @ #3

    Hey, thanks for commenting.

    We did have a video from JonathanLittle regarding 3-Bets in MTT's sometime last year, and although this video carries the same topic, the particular spots & hands are from different Tournaments that the previous video.

    All the best,

  • EuanM


    The previous 3-Betting video from JonathanLittle can be found at the link posted below;

  • luizsilveira


    @7: thanks! That one is also not ticked for me as well so now I'm confused lol.

    If I don't remember it, it's probably worth watching again ;)
  • zarsky


    yeah, looks kinda familiar.. no?
  • Mountainman


    calling AQ preflop possible?
  • JonathanLittle


    With AQ, when we are this shallow, you are probably best avoiding out of position play against a good player.
  • klimbo


    The QTo shove vs the HJ seems a bit weird to me. Earlier when you had J8s you mentioned that you don't want to give a freeroll to the guy in the BB every time he picks up QQ+ but that's what you are doing here.. no?

    3-bet/folding would also not work very well in this spot, 'cause if you make it around 40,000 he has great odds to call in position and he can also easily shove over you. I would probably fold QTo here but hitting a Q on the flop also works =)
  • jimmy99x


    I dont know what to say . any way thanks alot even if i did not like the end with 22 .
  • tatisan


    31:57 QTo hand. When yo do the math, the amount you have to put in is only about 108k and not 144k your entire stack. That, of course makes it a more +EV play. You do risk 144k if you take into account the big blind but that would be an entirely different math.
    And for some unknown reasons your pokerstove is really messing up the equities at time.
  • tatisan


    Also in the same hand, amosa opens from a less than 20BB stack which i think makes his opening range a lot tighter. More like an induce type of hand which means he will not fold often enough to make a shove profitable here.