Playing weak hands in 3bet pots

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Raskolnikov delivers an in-depth hand re-player analysis session with his "co-partner" Stefan - enjoy as both offer their thoughts and reasoning throughout for the benefit of the community.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest with Raskolnikov - please leave your thoughts & feedback for Gordon below!
  • hulk86


    really nice thoughts on anylysis and game plan.

    PLEASE more videos from Raskolnikov !!!
  • MuradPirat


  • francisco42k


    TY Gordon, do you want to marry my girlfriend? You're the best!
  • Raskolnikov


    #2 : Thx so much! We did some great planning so there are more vids to come (in German as well).

    Rly cool topics, discussed some great topics with KTU and Sven for German vids.

    Like always, feel free to post ideas, we listen and take this into consideration every time.

    #3: thx

    #4: Pics please ;)))
  • yomatiyo


    great vid in fact
  • Raskolnikov


    #7: Thx man
  • Nejc351


    nice, very usefull video, great for small stakes players :D so level less not more if i assume right :)
  • Raskolnikov


    #8: correct
  • yoshiwa


    enjoy ppl ^^
    ask any question , obv i'm happy with all feedback ;)
  • Itachi1337


    hi cousin, meld dich mal ;)
  • Raskolnikov



    Haha, "sprech ich", muss noch rausfinden ob P. oder A. ;)
  • Itachi1337


    P. of course :)
  • pokerprons


    Such a good video again Gordon. I love 2 things about your approach - 1. Your "tough love" - you just say outright it's bullshit or it's a terrible play and you don't sugar coat it. And 2. You sound very confident when you do these videos and that confidence transfers on me (and hopefully to other viewers and your students) and makes me be certain about my game plan and have no fear.

    Great video!
  • peaceinAK


    Thx a lot. I really impressed by this video becuase I am on downswing now in HU.
  • SpeckBasu


    superb video, 5 stars
  • mktpppr


    very good video, more pls
  • Guenhwyvar09


    Minute 6: Thema Balancing - im neuesten Video scheinst du ja kein großer Fan mehr zu sein. Was hat sich verändert?
  • pca53


  • JohnSnowCZ


    very good video, very good
  • MissyC


    I'm francisco42k's girlfriend, marry me! Hahaha just kiddin', I loved this video, really appreciate this is available for bronze status. Cheers!
  • KKKKypros


    Very interesting video!!! More Heads Up videos would be fantastik.
  • Harnas31


    what means stats : dbF, dbT, dbR ?
  • misspookie


    hard for me to watch that kj hand he didn't raise flop bet turn or bet river. Thats brutal to watch. That kind of stuff drives me nuts cause wit ha hand like kj what better flop can you ask for. Thats as good as it gets without flopping some nut hand. YOu go broke you go broke.
  • misspookie


    he just contradicts himself in the video at 59 minutes of video he says hes not trying to get people off ace high but like 10 high. He said hes not trying to make people fold hands but the very next hand hes trying to get the guy off an ace and hes a fish thats a calling station.
  • lixinfinito


    Amazing video... It will really improve my game