Practical Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SnG
  • $55 - $75
  • Хедс-ъп
(14 гласа) 9212

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ByronJacobs doing a session review of $60 HU hyper-turbos on pokerstars.


hyper turbo Hyperturbo PokerStars User Session Review

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from ByronJacobs as he goes through $60 headsup hyper-turbo sng's on pokerstars in the HEM replayer. Please leave feedback in the comments section below!
  • sileekhunt


    HEM 1 replayer is sooooooo much nicer than HEM 2.

    interesting vid.
  • HariRadovan


    Hi Byron, great vid! I really liked your explanations why you play certain hands in a certain (somtimes unorthodox) way. Keep up the good work!

    The one hand I disagree is the J9s in Min 5 postflop. The call on the flop with your backdoordraws is interesting but I think it is a mistake. After all you say your opponent is often trapping when he is checking to you on the turn and you would therefore rather check behind. While checking behind on the turn makes sense if you think your opponent is trapping then again calling on the flop makes no sense. After all if you think your opponent is strong then folding on the flop is the only play.If you think your opponent might be weak then floating the flop is an option but you then have to bet on the turn.
    Considering turn bet-sizing I am a little dissapointed that you only talk about betting half the pot - in my opinion shoving the turn is by far the better option. By betting half the pot you have to fold to your opponents shove but you would hate it because it is a very close fold - having at least 8 outs and getting over 3:1. By shoving you make sure you at least get to see the river card while maximizing your fold-equity. So it would be my preferred play on the turn.
  • autheking


    Completely agree with #4. I also found it surprising that you always bet half pot be it flop, turn or river. I personally always keep my c-bets at 40% of the pot as we are playing really shallow stacks.
    Interesting video though.
  • autheking


    Agree with #4. I think you should also decrease you c-bet sizing from half pot to about 40% pot as I think they have the same fold equity and the second one is cheaper.
  • autheking


    Ignore the previous comment, I typed in the first comment but it took a while to show, I thought it was a glitch a typed the comment again.
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi. Thx for the feedback.
    #4/#5: Yes, I agree - in retrospect the float on the flop looks pretty thin but folding looks quite nitty. The problem is that if I always fold here I'm going to get run over by a player like this. I actually think I should bet the turn when he checks as I think he probably has more check/fold in his range than I suggest in the commentary. I doubt he's really check/shoving here 60%+ of the time.

    I'm not sure there's a big difference between shoving the turn and betting 120. If he check/shoves over 120, I'm calling 100% of the time because it's 210 into a 900 pot which is nearly the right price and sometimes the J and 9 are good and very occasionally he has a stone bluff.

    Regarding bet-sizing: I don't recall the sizings throughout the whole video but in principle I tend to c-bet half pot on "normal" boards, e.g. K-9-4. Boards where I'll have a very polarised range, e.g. A-K-6 I'll bet smaller, e.g. 30 into an 80 pot. Very wet boards I'll bet bigger, e.g. holding K-6 on a J-T-8 flop. Often simply giving up here will be best but if I think his range is wide a 60 bet or even 80 into an 80 pot is probably best, as we don't want him floating a lot of weak draws and some players can fold marginal made hands (e.g. 8-6) on such wet boards to a bigger c-bet. Also with a strong hand like K-J I'll bet the same way so the play can be balanced.
  • sirilidion


    SO far I watched the first SnG you played against a reg and have quite something to think about with the minraises and calls. In the first SnG's I noticed that there the spots where you min/raise folds or said you would fold if he shoves over your minraise where only hands that had you can flop good. So I ask do you have no weak minraise/fold in your range in seems you can become exploitable against regs. because everytime you minraise you can fairly asume you have a huge trapping range so you could easily fold or call with hands that flop well and when you push you can savely asume that the strongest hands aren't in your pushing range and thus can correctly call somewhat looser then nash. but maybe you just handed any weak hands in that game that you minraise/fold.
  • ByronJacobs


    Handling the ranges around 10-14BB against a decent villain is tough. Please see the three part video series I made which outlines how you can calculate situations where min-raising is an option. In general against weaker villains a wide MR range at these stack depths works very well because they fold too much. Against players who shove a lot it's harder but you can still construct a good range because you can have all the broadways, A8+ and 66+ in a MR-call range. CHuck in some strong suited 9s and you're close to 20%. You can then add 15%-ish that you'll MR-fold and you have a decent MR range of over 35% which will be hard for the villain to play against as you're calling off over 50%. It's a very interesting topic.
  • strannikspb


    Amazing video! Great comments. Thank you very much, Byron!
  • MarinaOrel


    Very nice vod!!! Thanks!!!
  • Chuckey


    This is a very good review done by you, Byron. it is interesting to see how you juggle around with your perceptions to optimize those preflop spots aswell as some postflop spots.

    If you feel like it please produce more like this one.
  • Arcanis23


    Awesome video!
  • ByronJacobs


    #11-14 Thx! Glad you liked it.
  • pampapam


    very nice vid, thx very much. would love to see more hyper hu videos of you
  • LeTrac


    first of all I have to say that its a very good video, but I got a question
    why not overbet J9s OTT?