Collin 12-Tables MTTSNGs

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  • SnG
  • $3 - $30
  • Пълни маси
(11 гласа) 10635

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Collin Moshman is back 12-tabling the MTSNGs on Stars. Dive into a normal sesison with Collin as he explains his thought processes while the action is flying


live session MTSNG

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please Enjoy the Latest Video by our SNG-Boss Collin Moshman

    If you have any question or comments for Collin please leave them below
  • champ44


    as always great video..but didnt like few folds and shove in omaha.
  • RuiBouquet


    50:18 why not open / call to the SB; fold to the BB??
  • Ballu2273


    werden die Videos auch eventuell mal übersetzt ??
  • chaparrito77


    A26Q vs A59K its 47/53 only because you are dominated in the suit, if not it would be 51/49 XD.

    btw nice vid.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Champ44: Hopefully the omaha at least added a little spice to the video :D Thanks + glad you enjoyed.

    #3 RuiBouquet: A good player in the big blind will 3bet shove wider than he will call a shove. Against someone with tighter or more passive stats, playing a smallball exploitive style on the bubble like that is definitely the way to go though. So nice comment.

    #5 Chaparrito: That's interesting, thanks for the info. Glad you enjoyed the video.
  • GuilhermeMat


    As always a great video and boss explanations!! thank you for that! some questions:

    18:55 this 66 is good to shove in that spot?

    23:10 this miniraise is to induce a shove of villains? you will shove any flop?
  • amorimrj


    Collin nice video , you have a lot of fans in Brasil !!

    Why do you not shove directly when you have less then 10bb ?? you did this a lot in this video...

    thanks and sorry my poor english.
  • Letemgo


    Yeah, what's the advantage in raise-calling 10bb over just shoving? We may encounter flat from bb and not know what to do when not hitting flop.
  • Ballu2273


    The videos may also be translated times?
  • teKsenX


    im watching the video right now, just wanted to say that i rly like the stacked multitabling because i get much more very common spots that im not always so sure about. i grind stacked 10-12 tables as well so its kinda perfect :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 GuilhermeMat: Yes, both are profitable openshoves. 23:10 is a non-allin allin, and we'll shove/call any flop. Thanks and glad you enjoyed the vid!

    #8 Amorimrj: Awesome, glad to hear that. To answer your Q, I've recently switched to mainly minraising short stacks when in cEV mode. A few of the reasons are: Players often not responding as well compared to the more common shove/fold; Multitabling regs not processing how short we are; Me being happy to play postflop with a short effective stack.
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Letemgo: In terms of the BB or anyone else flatting, the question is who is going to play better postflop with a short effective stack, us or them? Recreational players in particular often make significant mistakes post with short effective stack, such as c/f'ing when clearly committed.

    #10 Ballu2273: You'll have to ask Pokerstrategy about that, I don't handle translations although Katie and I are trying to learn Spanish so that would probably be good practice :)

    #11 TeksenX: Great, glad to hear that!
  • rich78


    Really nic vid, like that kind of action-vid without discussing standard hands for 5mins with a calculator^^
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Lol not a good format if you just waked up... Could hardly follow... I will look at it again later ;-)
  • ArcFlare


    34:22 , Call BTN push with T8'o? u still got a pretty stack to push by urself. u'r stack also got enough fold equity. i think in this case u will often be behind.. is it so necessary to make a nash call here?
  • Leito99


    while I like a lot of your min raises instead of shoves with 10bbs, there were some spots that I disagree (but would like to hear and argument against my opinion). There were some spots you raised with hands like A3o from BU. I dont like this because A3 is never a big favourite and it is profitable to shove because of the fold equity. Minr and getting villains to reship JTs is not actually good for us. Similarly, minraising T9s with 8bbs i dont like because we are committed to call but don't get the fold equity of a shove. A 3bet from bb w JTo is very bad for us. Thoughts?
  • Leito99


    Also, have you noticed an increase of a decrease in the bb/100 when under let's say 13bbs since you started minraising the shoving range?
  • andreibalint


    42:40 Why not call A3s? I would push super wide as a massive chip leader 3handed.

    42:28. For me instant call A8o. Why fold here? Our stack is pretty short.