Mbml Live 4-tabling 200 - 500 NL Zoom

  • NL СГС
  • NL СГС
  • $200 - $500
  • Къси маси
(22 гласа) 11743

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Galvin "mbml" Bay returns to PokerStrategy.com after his Supernova Elite run in 2013 with a live session at 200 - 500 NL Zoom on PokerStars


Live Video PokerStars Zoom

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  • cybstr


    nice vid, hope u will do some more zoom live play
  • zlatan88ibra


    very nice vid !

    KQo 4bet CO vs BTN: Why do you preffer 4bet than CC in this situations ?

    89ss: Why fold min4bet with these odds ? 6$ for a pot of 35$ (pot odds 17%) 89s hit a nut hand 11%(including FD+pair, FD+OE,FD+GS) and hit good draws 17%. His range is too strong but with the implicities imo is a good call pre

    99: Thin value river ! Is close no?

    Sorry for my english. see you at the tables
  • Campernator


    I like some of your thoughts but i think that the webcam is rather disturbing; its hides a few HUDs and doesnt help the video in any way?!
  • Campernator


    *it hides
  • Talent2


    Hey mbml,

    I enjoyed watching your video! :)
    Hope you keep it up!
    Min 05:39 AQo: Imo this has to be bluff with your AQo otr. This is one of your weakest holdings on this texture and you obv have some value combos (JJ/TT/99/KQs/AA/AJs)so you wonna have a bluffing range aswell and i feel like AQo should be a mandatory bluff there, thoughts!?
    Min 05:58 A6o: Why do you choose such a large sizing vs a weaker player with your marginal holding on such a wet texture?
    Min 06:09 JTo: Mandatory flat there with JTo? I prolly prefer iso 3betting, thoughts!?
  • Talent2


    Min 19:18 86s/K4s: Why 3betting 86s sb vs bu?
    Same goes for K4s in Min 25:30. Don`t you use a linear range there?
    Min 19:32 99: Why do you bet your 99 on this dry texture soo big ott, given that you should have some floats in your range and they prolly don`t wonna use this big of a sizing if you think Ahigh will call you there!?
    Min 21:42 A3s: You snap the turn there, what do you think is his air range there and what is the worst hand you continue ott with ?(his bluffing range: sth like J7s-J9s/J9o/Q7s-Q9s/Q8o-Q9o/5c4c-9c8c !?)
    Min 24:14 AJo: Why did you choose to bet this texture so small otf?
    Min 34:41 J6o: Why did you choose such a big sizing on this texture?
    Min 36:21 Q9o: What hands do you expect him to bluff with his bet/check behind/bet line on this board, that you think c/c river is better than going for thin value, or c/f river?
    Min 38:35 77: I think this 77 call ott looks super standard but given what you said don`t you think he will bluff most of his hands like(QJ/KJ/KQ/weak Axs) otf and he prolly won`t turn strong Ax ott into a bluff so his turn betting range is mainly value (J9s/Q9s/K9s/A9/88/JTs), what are your thoughts on that!?

    Loved the phonecall :D
    Take care!
  • gonepoker


    Talent2 asked pretty much everything whats possible so just waiting for reply :D
    Talent2, what's your bluff sizing? (Min 05:39 AQo)

    Min 41:02 is it standard to go under the table when getting a phone call? :D
  • Talent2


    # My value range of: AA/KQs/JJ/TT/99 obv can bet big so i probably like everything from 90%-150% pot :)
    Especially if you know villain a little better (3bet-range/checking back range otf) and you agree about the fact that most regs are capt in his spot.
  • Talent2


    My value range of: AA/AJs/KQs/JJ/TT/99 obv can bet very big, so i probably like everything from 90%-150% pot.
    Especially if you know villain a little better (3bet range/checking back game plan), cause most regs tend to be very capt in his spot (JJ/QQ/KK/AA/ATo/KTo/QTo/JTo/K9s/Q9s maybe sth like this!? and they rarly show up with sth like AJo/KJo/QJo/J8s)
  • mbml


    2: I call in both situations against wider ranges but the opponents in the video were on the tighter side.
  • Talent2


  • mbml


    was away on a holiday, now I'm back

    AQ: I don't think it's a mandatory bluff, parts of his range improve like KQ/QJ/KJ. He's also on the tighter side which reduces the number of SCs he has (like 98s/76s) which would fold to a river bet, and weights his range more towards the broadways

    A6: I want more FE to fold out his weaker hands. This guy is a weak/tight type of player and if i bet small he probably calls a lot more often

    JT: that's certainly an option. I prefer it doing with slightly stronger hands, and the regs behind me aren't that aggro anyway.
  • mbml


    Light 3bets: Exploitive play vs guys who fold too much

    99: Ace high calls twice really often vs that size, so does any other pair. And 99=AA IMO.

    A3s: In 2014 it's almost always a mistake to fold top pair for 2 bets and I didn't have any good reason to fold top pair. Probably AX? You could argue that KQ > A3 due to gutshot equity but at the same time AX contains blockers to top pair.

    AJo: calling range of villain doesnt change too much if I bet large or small

    J6o: Bet larger on flops which are easier to float on (villain's calling range is more price-elastic)
  • mbml


    Q9o: I don't have to put him on any specific bluff hand. I just think that this is the max EV line at the point in time.

    I don't think he bets Flop and calls River with too many worse hands so leading River didn't feel like a good option. At the same time I think he has enough bet check bet bluffs so I called.

    77: Well there are some dynamics between us, won't go into too much detail about that but anyway I'm sure he checks some real stuff on the Flop sometimes.
  • LorD231984


    I think 89s should be an easy call due to potodds... Only shorter stack can be a con...