NL $25 SH Session Review

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  • NL СГС
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(6 гласа) 7039

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Session Review

Коментари (6)

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  • zubrils2


    Nice video again! I remember most of those guys because I was playing same limit a month ago. that Honey4tw guy gave me some headache too. :)
  • ethanrox


    result orientated explanation in the last hand ?? :P
    nice video as always, keep the comin'
  • SeanBurchell


    great review session, you have a very solid and easy to understand teaching method
  • songha


    its a good video but a little boring in the midgame - would be nice if the next one shows some more taffs spots
  • Daltonlima


    16 MIN
  • craguli


    Great explanation of hands, by far the best producer of silver NL videos ;)