Uri Peleg's Laboratory - user session review

  • Записи от тренировки
  • NL СГС
  • $25
  • Къси маси
(12 гласа) 5582

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Uri Peleg is back with another user session reiew, this time MonsterDraw3 from Romania, who will be playing on 4 normal NL25 tables in PokerStars.


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Коментари (1)

  • Hackett77


    The A2 hand. While we have the best hand the majority of the time on the river I think its hard to get called by worse given villains line so I think its more valuable to check back and get a line on villains check raising range and sizings. I feel thats worth more in the long run than the value bet we may (but probably won't) get on the river.