How far can you adapt your gameplan?

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  • $50 - $100
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Welcome to the first English video of our French coach Erkyl, where he looks into a Heads-Up session he played at night against a regular player.


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  • erkyl


    Hope you'll like it ! Ask any question / idea of adaptation you can have.
  • izorho


  • felixbaute1616


  • UDLL9


  • drakke16


    5/5 for the content and 6/5 for the accent :) great video
  • LemOn36


    Oh my god, love the accent!
  • LemOn36


    You'd fold A2o vs good reg that 3Xes? Seems still really tight to me - do you expect a lot tighter open % (like
  • LemOn36


    With the Q8o TPNK isn't CC flop lead turn an option instead of a check raise if he bets?
  • LemOn36


    And at first I assumed it'll be one of the annoying videos where you don't want to reveal your default ranges, and you mentioned you won't a few times

    But this format is really entertaining, especially when you start limping (agree with that strategy by the way :)) not something most cash regs would do. Any HU cash videos are great and I hope to see more!

    6 card straight haha
  • Foreurman009


    I want a good strategy for winning a big tournament and and the jackpot
  • DePaula1988


  • nathaeldec


  • erkyl


    Hey guys, thx for your comms !
    For the accent, I have to thanks my master : Sebastien Chabal, that taught me everything. I guess you can recognise it there :

    @8 : It depends on the opponent and his barrel frequency, but they can be heavily in my 3bet range (so it obv depends also on his fold to 3B range), keeping Axs-Kxs in my cold call range to have more often better equity with my high cards double floats and easiest ways to balance them.

    @9 : Yes definitely its a possibility and I did hesitate a lot between the 2 lines (while a TPNK on 8- board I had no doubt, on Q+ board its really not the same) . Finally I choose the chk/raise with my TPs for 3 reasons :
    - My flop game plan is to attack heavily his small bets with my non SD value hands by chk/raising--> this is always a good thing if sometimes I can show him a "thin value raise". Even if he is an open book, I guess it is always a good thing not to take your opponent for a total robot and be a little balanced.
    - I guess I can have more value on his 2PWK / 3rd pairs by chk /raise / 30% bet / 30% bet. Obv I loose some value against hands that would have hit turn...
    - Against good opponent chk/raise too much "for value" can be a disaster for our floating range, I am pretty sure it won't be against him (easier for him to defend against a guys that chk raise too much in bluff than too much in value).

    @10 : The worst of it is that it took me smg like 5-10 sec to deceide the "value" sizing with "my straight" :D I wanted to include it on the vids but it was already very long...
  • elo3200


    nice video :)
    You said there is no reason in raising when opponent 3bets or raises limp with exact same range and sizing. To me it seems there is no reason in limping vs such strategy in most cases. When you raise you have chance that he folds preflop + you can hold initiative postflop + if you feel you have edge postflop playing bigger pots will be more profitable (in particular when your opponent plays so passive) .
  • erkyl


    @15 : Thx for your comment !
    Yes, this was the good points for continuing raising, but as he raised / 3 bet 50-60% and defend 80-90% total against my minraises, my FE preflop gives low value. In addition, when he raises 9x 100B deep, it builds 18BB pot which is the good size for me : big enough to play for stacks, but still deep enough to make moves and use position.
    If I raise smg like 70-80%, I would have to 4bet a lot against his 3bet range and a big part of the HU would play preflop, which I don't want against him.
    This is what decided me to stop raising. First I considered raising less, something like 25-30%, to have bigger pots with his weak flat range, but finally I deceided to totally stop raising to keep his isorange wild and be able to limp / 3bet him. I'm really not convinced it was the best choice, but I think those 2 possibilities are better than raising 60% or more. After the match I though of a 3rd possibility : raising 25%-30% without the top of my range that I would 3bet if he isoraise me (something like 99+,AT, AJ+, KJs, KQ). With that I would have 0% 4bet and 0% fold to 3bet, and hope he does not adapt ;).
    I guess I should have start raising again if he doubled up.

    What do you think of that ?
  • igor090970


  • oviwankenovi


    I want a good strategy for winning a big tournament.
  • romulopales


    Muito bom
  • tonirul3z


    good video
  • buzznutter


    Cool Beans
  • elo3200


    Certainly there is not much fold equity value in raising but still ;)
    I guess vs opponent who tries to put significant part of his stack pre flop you need to tighten your range. I dont know how much. Probably going under 70% vpip wont be a mistake.
    Choosing between 1. l/c and l/3b , 2. r/c and r/4b or 3. mixed 1.&2. mostly depends of your opponent response and where do you think you can find his weaknesses (out of his comfort zone). I think strategy you suggest might be a the best way to outplay this guy :)
  • VitorHugoXavier


    só no final que tem algo o início fica quase 3 minutos sem nada...
    é assim mesmo?
  • VitorHugoXavier


    só no final que tem algo o início fica quase 3 minutos sem nada...
    é assim mesmo?
  • Luciva


    Kkk legal
  • Syntess


    Great video with informative explanations, please keep going