Master Your Heads-Up Play

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Collin goes through several hand histories from different players and stakes, analysing heads-up situations and answering various questions.


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  • do559


    Thanks You for this Video!
  • dmitriyyu


    Thanks. Very informative!
  • aleria


    Nice video,I have read your book Colin ,)
  • Shin1019


    Nice Vid as usual.

    I have two questions regarding Push Fold

    1) Can we push based on effective stack size not our own stack?
    2) What range can we reshove on BB vs. min raise? can we use Nash push range from SB or Call range from BB to reshove?
  • joeySchleck


    Wow, that is going to change my play forever...
  • smerti1111


    Great video. Will like to see more heads-up videos if possible.
  • TakingAShot


    I know this is from last year but I just bought a gold sub here on today and am a cash game + HUSNG player. I've only watched the beginning of the video so far but would you still, in today's games, recommend opening and defending as widely as you do here? In today's games, I'm finding that there's just very little reason to get involved early without a monster since fish will hang themselves for you and wind up short stacked or all in with poor equity. As you step up to the $7 and $10 HUSNG's, things are extremely aggressive preflop and on the flop itself but below that level, guys love to limp, they love to overplay pots, and they ignore how many BB's they have in their stack, getting into all ins they shouldn't and just evening the game back up.