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Even though the luck might by against you, you can still be making good decisions and decent profit. In this video, Kris reviews some interesting hands from past sessions.


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  • LordRonin


    Answered about mystery hand in your blog,
    Like this series. Waiting for the new ones.
  • KrisRukov


    Благодаря, спасобо, thanks guys
  • KrisRukov


    Спасибо !
  • SuperChompa


    AKs on the first hand, that's sort of value bluff then :D
  • Samuel0124


  • Endurx


    When you called 4bet he instantly put you on the range of TT-QQ AK AQ KQ the low sizing is to make you call this KQ QQ JJ twice and suck money out of you, the shove on river is to get you in with QQ KQ simple as that, its true what your saying that he turns his hand into a bluff but great part of playerpool will do that mistake and rise sets earlier and do call KQ on the river to this shove somethimes even QQ he remember that calls, he talked to himself you got KQ QQ only because you donk bet low on this river. This guy just under rates you, thats the way it looks like turning hand into a bluff.
  • madein1984


    First hand preflop calculation is not enough. You define a range that he 3bets. To see if a 4bet shove is profitable, you have to split that range into a 3bet/call and a 3bet/fold range, calculate your equity against 3bet/call and then find out how much you win on average when he folds, how much you lose when he calls and how often those two things happen in relation.
  • bogdan2281973


    Thank you for an interesting video
  • Jack93


    33 ?
  • KrisRukov


    @Endrux yeah i agree , the risk of betting 1/3 psb is that you induce bluff from villain.
  • KrisRukov


    @madein1984 i was wondering why you wrote that but now i see. yeah i agree of course he will not call me with the bluffs ( in this hand example 22 and 33 ) I honestly have no idea why i even clicked "evaluate". This % doesn`t matter since i decided to take the calling line and not the 5bet AI line, but nevertheless you are on point and this is a good thing to mention for the people reading the comments. When we evaluate 3 or 4 betting range and there are bluff hands in villain's range, then we should exclude them from the calculating after we jam and villain calls. He won`t call with bluffs , this is why they are bluffs :D
    Thanks you for pointing that out
  • KrisRukov


    Guys the answer to this the kystery hand is in my new episode
  • fAnch111


    Tnx for video
  • Fabulez