Through The Stakes - NL10 - Live Play

  • NL СГС
  • NL СГС
  • $10
  • Къси маси
(14 гласа) 6207

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First part of entirely new series by asimos, where he will give you the best tips on how to crush and move up in stakes. He starts with an introduction to NL10 and live play.


Climbing the Stakes how to get out of micros live play micro moving up in stakes series Zoom

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  • trueshniy


    Thanks for the video, good work.
  • tadneit


    good content. Thanks.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    Thanks, good series! What's your reasoning for 2x opens? I tend to mostly raise 4x since my ranges are very strong vs. the villains'. But then again I play on Betfair which is possibly a lot softer.
  • TheDirector


    Why do we isolate a limper with T5o?