Two Dollar Rebuy Splash MTT Review

  • MTT
  • МТТ
  • $2
  • Пълни маси
(7 гласа) 5007

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Collin reviews $2 Splash Rebuy MTT won by one of our members.


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Коментари (7)

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  • Jirek


    Unfortunatey very week play by hero but run very good :-). Gratulation!
  • tonypmm


    Jirek, don't be too hard on someone who was playing at a stake as low as $2+R.

    It's actually beneficial to have imperfect Heroes for review videos because they tend to make more non-standard plays and thus generate more thought-provoking spots. Some of those plays may accidentally turn out reasonable and be adopted as standard later by regs. Remember, the difference between genius and insanity is thin.
  • tonypmm


    It's a bit sad that the range of Splash satellites to SCOOP and to MTTs in general is very limited. Splash SCOOP sats at higher stakes than $0.11+R would surely be very soft too if they were in the lobby.
  • tonypmm


    Or, rather, I meant specifically sats in the $0.33-0.55 range to $27-55 online MTTs. Low stake Splash sats tend to be to live events, which is frustrating as I yet don't want to take the risk playing $2.20+ Splashes.
  • nikobak666


    Wow, thank you very much for the review!! I did not play good at all, that is true. I had a good run though and managed to get to the final table! I was playing at least 6 more tables during the first half of the tourney and did not have enough of a concentration... I had some good spots too, but Collin reviewed mainly my mistakes, for which I am thankful! Great review for me, I have a lot to think about and take into account! THANK YOU, Collin!!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Tony, and definitely agree -- really nice to get all types of hand histories, and while Hero made some mistakes I thought he played really good overall.

    Nikobak, thanks for offering the hand history, you're very welcome + congrats!
  • AlphaClock


    Like the idea of raising more preflop taking that one of our opponents should call never considered this strategy will come in handy thanks :)