SCOOPs Live MTT Video Review (1)

  • MTT
  • МТТ
  • $215 - $1050
(3 гласа) 9610

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This is the first part of the live play SCOOPs review by our coach LuckyLukePS. Enjoy the action!


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  • BamA29


  • JoaoScavone


    Hi LuckyLukePS! Excelent stuff man tks!!

    At (17:40) when u shove A6o over 18BBs with almost 3k on bountys, don't you think we are more encouraged to effectively shove the majority of our range? Of course i understand the need to have a limp and a raise range in that spot, but it's wrong to just shove arround 55% as the solver says? Also considering that the guy is probably calling less than 24,5% and got the 3k bounty?

  • MariaIdelcy


    Muito Bom o Video . Gostei Bastante pessoal .!!
  • 44nikita


    joekeRStars !
  • EnkiStar