$22 MicroMillions Main Event Final Table - All Hands Revealed (1)

  • MTT
  • МТТ
  • $22
  • Пълни маси
(5 гласа) 2507

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Collin reviews the latest MicrioMillion Main Event Final Table with all hands revealed. Enjoy the first part!


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Коментари (16)

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  • JimmkCZ


    Very interesting game with a lot of money. thanks for show how win.
  • Vampiir142


    They are doing what they want to do - playing poker.
  • Takuya0417


    so good!
  • Takuya0417


    So good! Very interesting game with a lot of money. thanks for show how win.
  • ghaleon


    1:20 JJ for BU: Big stack can be wide with open raises and BU can do some light 3betting. I would place this hand into 3bet-call range. I think shoving just forces too many hands to fold that might decide to 4bet shove versus small 3bet. Like some smaller pockets, Axs. But yeah it would be lowest of pockets for me to induce.
  • KKNgroup


    Good stuff!
  • shpoka


  • Ninja2525


    good one!
  • MarcLiz935


    eu com jj na primeira tinha estourado tudo!!!!so veriam carta por all in!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys!

    #10 Ghaleon: Good point. Looking back, I think you're right that we can 3bet/call here.
  • vergaraW


  • omar2nd


    Very good video. Thanks Collin, always good jobs! ;)
  • MrRolim


    Muito interessante o conteúdo...sempre aprendendo mais para melhorar o jogo.
  • renatoktega


    massa mto bom
  • oyonkor


    gran torneo y nosotros en .es
  • Vovca1993


    Trchhcjgffg hjff