Procrastination - How To Stop Postpone Things For Later

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What exactly is procrastination and how to get rid of it? Our mental coach answers it in this video! Enjoy and leave a comment below.


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  • LemOn36


    Nice one, I really like the research bits in there!
    Sent you a friend request it might be fun to do a colab stream or something down the line :)
  • nsavov


    I am not gold, so I guess I will postpone watching this video.
  • Talisker74


    I‘m going to watch it later on :-)
  • driseve


  • raklica


  • ivele


    ice one, I really like the research bits in there!
  • Ramadamses


    Thanks for the video!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video :)
  • Zolotarsp


    What's procrastination? Finding this video on thursday, but not watching it until monday.

    BTW, 5 out of 5, as usual with your vids.