Exploitative Play Postflop for Beginners

  • NL СГС
  • NL СГС
  • $2 - $25
  • Къси маси
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Second part of this mini series about exploitative play for beginners focuses on postflop. Enjoy and leave your comment below!


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  • baadnewz01


    Good video as usual, in 16:42 why U dont iso raise limper w/QJs? U just open only 3bb?
  • la55i


    Well spotted :) It must have been lack of concentration. When I try to explain things while playing it decreases my focus a bit and now I was also thinking about the hand in the replayer.
  • NoXStarZ


    nice job
  • zola222


    Good video
  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for another great video, coach!