Le Tour de Stakes - Prologue & Stage One (NL2-5)

  • Записи от тренировки
  • NL СГС
  • $2 - $5
  • Къси маси
(5 гласа) 2122


Le Tour de Stakes is a new series by LemOn36 where he rides through the stakes until the final climb. Find out more in this thread.


Climbing the Stakes coaching fast lemon microstakes move up moving up the stakes series stream webinar Zoom

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  • radekozo12


    good players
  • pokerboy198229


    Im doing the same almost every day, i like it, its like a video game with amount of lifes and playing next level
  • JackieHoo


    good video , as said ,NL10 is a wall, down $200 and back to NL5 ,pity
  • just1nsan0r


    Tu es charmeur du stakes!